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Yellowhammer Marketing is a direct mail adverting & printing company that helps restaurants grow their profits by using our proven templates.  

Services We Offer to Help Restaurants:

  • Turnkey Direct Mail Advertising (Graphics, Printing, Delivery & Lead Tracking)

       How to Use: Target households in your delivery area making them aware of your new services or             send to households close to your restaurant making them aware you are open. Offer an                               attractive call to action to influence them to place a delivery order or to dine in. 

  • New Mover Marketing (Graphics, Printing, Delivery, Lead Tracking, Follow Up Mailing)

      How to Use: Target everyone that has moved in around your restaurant. Every month we           send a welcome package, with gift certificates from local businesses, to everyone that has         moved in the previous month. Once they redeem their certificate we send them a thank you       card to ensure they become a long term customer! 

  • Postcards (Graphics, Printing, Delivery)  

       How to Use: Put the postcards in your curbside, delivery & to go orders to inform customers                   of your new services, offer an attractive call to action to influence repeat business.

  • Door Hangers

       How to Use: When you receive a delivery order send the delivery driver with 20 door hangers and            have them hang them on the 20 closest residences to location of the delivery. We will give you 100            free door hangers with every order!

How to Get Started


Fill out the "Get Started" form and let us know what you need.


We will email you with recommendations on how to get the most bang for your buck

We will plug your information into one of our proven templates

You sign off on  proof 

You pay us



*No payment taken until printing. No contracts


If ordering postcards to include in restaurant you will receive them in 3 business days after you approve the artwork.

If ordering a direct mail campaign the postcards will arrive in mailboxes in 5 business days.

Business Graphs

Yellowhammer Marketing is a customer service company that specializes in post card marketing. 

​We use our technology to bring direct mail advertising into the 21st century.


We utilize a six sigma approach in order to assure we generate the highest possible results and to minimize failures for our clients. 

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Upon submitting the below form you will be emailed within 24 hour with recommendations on how to maximize your marketing dollars.

We will also email you the graphics form for your free door hangers!


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