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Yellowhammer Marketing connects Churches with their neighbors through print media which helps grow their congregation.

How We Help Churches Grow their Congregation

Direct Mail 

Perfect for sending invitations to all of your neighbors to let them know they are welcome!

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How it Works

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You pick how far of a radius you would like to target (ex: everyone within a 10 minute commute, 20 minute commute, etc.)

We design an invitation using one

our proven templates

Your neighbors receive invitations and come to Church!

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Send Housewarming Gifts to New Families in Your Community

We send send everyone that moves to town a welcome package that includes housewarming gifts from local businesses and one Church!

How it Works

Every month hundreds of families families are moving in around your Church. Each month we send these families housewarming gifts from local businesses (free pizza, free haircut, etc.) and you can send them a free Bible or a swag bag! Just determine how many families you would like to welcome per month!

The month after they move into their new homes they will receive a package full of gifts from local businesses and they are given a reason to connect you you!

Each month you will grow your congregation!

Great way to blanket a new apartment complex when you're in your community doing service work! You will receive 100 door hangers, absolutely free, with every order!

Door Hangers

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How It Works

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We work together to create a 2-sided door hanger that can be put on any door handle in the community

You can have a team member pass them out or give a handful to your congregation that they can hang on neighbor's doors when they are doing a community service project!

Get more members and spread The Word!

Announcements to Existing Members or Visitors

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We send postcards to current members and visitors of upcoming events or anything you would like them to be aware of!

How it Works

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We work together to create an announcement postcard that you can send to existing members and make them aware of upcoming events or to people that have visited in the past! 

We send the cards directly to their mailboxes and send you extra copies to put out in your lobby.

Get more members back to Church and more visitors to become members!

About Us Church Marketing
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Yellowhammer Marketing is a customer service company that specializes in post card marketing. 

​We use our technology to bring direct mail advertising into the 21st century.


We utilize a six sigma approach in order to assure we generate the highest possible results and to minimize failures for our clients. 

About Us

Church Testimonials
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Please complete the form below to tell us about you and your Church! Within 24 hour upon submission of the form you will be emailed your free report & coupon code for 1,000 Free Postcards!

Your Free Report Will Include:

  • Number of homes within 5, 10 & 15 minute commute

  • Number of families moving into your community from out of town on a monthly basis

  • Coupon code for 1,000 FREE Postcards

  • Pricing for all of our services

Thanks for submitting!

If you would like to talk now feel free to call us at (256) 590-6113 or email us at

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