Yellowhammer Marketing connects Churches with their neighbors through personalized invitations which helps grow their congregation.

How it Works

You pick which neighbors to invite

We design an invitation using one

our proven templates

Your neighbors receive invitations and come to Church!

How We Help Churches

Direct Mail 

Perfect for sending invitations to all of your neighbors to let them know they are welcome!

New Mover Marketing


Door Hangers

We send welcoming packages to everyone that moves in around your Church!

Great way to blanket a new apartment complex when you're in your community doing service work! You will receive 100 door hangers, absolutely free, with every order!

Door Hangers


You can set these out in your lobby and let your congregation pass them out to friends and co-workers!

Please complete the form below to tell us about you and your church.
Within 24 hour upon submission of the form you will be emailed your free report!

Your Free Report Will Include:

  • Number of homes within 5, 10 & 15 minute commute

  • Number of families moving into your community from out of town on a monthly basis

  • Coupon code for 100 FREE Door hangers

  • Pricing for all of our services

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